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What can solid surface material be used for?
What can solid surface material be used for?
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Solid Surface material is used primarily for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops. Because of it properties, it can be worked like wood with wood working tools tipped with carbide. When 2 pieces are glued together the seam disappears so long as the seam is tight. If it is scratched or damaged, it can be repaired since it is the same color throughout. Solid surface can also be heated and thermoformed into 3 dimensional shapes. Below are applications in various industries:

Commercial applications--Walls, reception work surfaces, desktops, conference tables, cubicles, elevator wall surrounds, and restroom wall dividers can all be made from solid surface.

Food Service: Health departments approve of solid surface for food preparation areas since it is nonporous and does not support bacterial growth.

Health Care Facilities: Solid surface is non-porous, durable, attractive, easy to clean and maintain and can be fabricated into a comfortable environment for patients.

Educational/Scientific/Industrial: Solid surface is excellent for laboratories, clean rooms, organizational and library shelving, desk surfaces and clean rooms.

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