Whether you use a fabricator, cabinet maker, or other skilled contractor depends on your individual skills, the tools you have and the time you want to commit to the project. For those who don't have the skills, tools and time, using a fabricator, cabinet maker, or other skilled contractor, may be the best choice. You may be able to save money by buying your material from SolidSurface.com and having a someone else make and install what you want. As it is our goal to save you money on solid surface projects, you should check with your fabricator before making any purchase. In some cases their hourly rates are different depending on whether you use their solid surface material or buy your own. You can possibly find a fabricator in your area from the front page of our website, using the Resources tab guide your mouse over Resources and you'll see the ProFinder on the left menu. Select ProFinder  and enter your city and zipcode, and select your radius to determine if there is someone in your area that works with surfacing materials. SolidSurface does not guarantee you will be able to find someone using FindAPro.

 If you do have the skills, tools, time available and do your homework, you should be able to produce a product that you can be proud of. Solid Surface material is sometimes equated to working with hard maple wood. Cuts can be made by using carbide tipped woodworking tools. If you are an accomplished do-it-yourself-er (DIY), you should be able to produce a quality product.

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