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Do you offer custom fabrication?
Do you offer custom fabrication?
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Unfortunately we are unable to cut or fabricate/finish prior to shipping. Although we do not have the ability to cut sheets to requested sizes or fabricate, you do have some options within our site; You can order raw sheet material, sinks, adhesives, etc. of your choosing and have a local general contractor fabricate for you, or even take on the project yourself if you are handy and have access to woodworking tools; More information about fabrication can be found using the link to our fabrication guides/resources below.

We also have our ProFinder link on our site (, which might help track down local contractors and professionals in your area (Please note that we are not affiliated with any of these entries that may populate).

Another option for bathroom vanities is our custom vanity program, where you can design to your liking, and a third party company will fabricate and ship straight to you. This option can be found and explored at

For more detailed information regarding fabrication, please use these links to view additional information available on our website

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