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How do I track my order & which carriers do you use?
How do I track my order & which carriers do you use?
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Tracking information can be found from the order information page.  A link to the order information page will be emailed once all, or part, of your order has shipped.  You can also find this page in “My Account -> Orders” if you have an account registered with

Multiple items may be shipped out from different warehouses, sometimes using different carriers. To give you an idea of which items might be shipped with which carrier, please reference the table below.  Please note that these are general guidelines and may change per order.:


Partial Sheets under 72”

Integra Adhesive

Router Bits

Most other items not listed in this table



Abrasive Kits

Sta-Put Adhesive

Sink Fastener Kits

COUNTERbalance Overhang Support

Adhesive Applicator Gun
Karran Sinks and Karran Accessories

FedEx OR USPS tracking usually start with 1, 6 or 7) tracking usually starts with a 9)


Full or Partial Sheets over 72”
All Vanities

LTL Freight - Multiple Carriers

Use the tracking/pro number provided and visit the carrier's website for the most up to date shipping status.  A list of carriers and links are provided on our order tracking page

If you need additional assistance tracking your order, please contact customer care.

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