The table below displays each product category and the typical time it takes from ordering through delivery.  Often times smaller parcel packages will arrive faster.  As a general recommendation we suggest allowing 2 weeks for delivery as a buffer when scheduling your project.  

Most Smaller Parcel Items Including:
- Sinks
- Adhesive Applicator Guns
- Router Bits
- Abrasives
- Adhesive Tips

3-5 business days typical to arrival

Carriers used include UPS, FedEx, and USPS depending on origination point

Remnant/Partial Sheets

3-10 business days typical to arrival

Depends on shipping parcel or LTL Freight

Full Sheets*

6-10 business days typical to arrival

Shipped LTL freight.  Turnaround and delivery times depend on material ordered, shipping origination and destination. Typical delivery time is 7-10 business days. Possible delays could be caused by inclement weather, unknown carrier concerns and Holiday schedules. In no event will be held liable for delays and deliver dates are not guaranteed.

Corian Vanity Tops

15 business days or less to ship plus transit time, unless additional customizations are made post-purchase.

  • items from some warehouses may take longer to process than others.  If we feel the delivery will fall outside our typical delivery time, you will be notified.
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