Full sheets

SolidSurface.com uses standardized shipping and handling rates to calculate the shipping cost of full sheet material. These standardized rates, which are intended to reduce costs to the customer, were determined using historical shipping data. Shipping on 1 or 2 full sheets (30 x 144 x 1/2) is $239.00. Shipping on 3 full sheets, or more is free.  Delivery is separate from shipping, please see below for additional information.

Freight Truck Delivery Location Options:

Freight Terminal Delivery (No Additional Cost)
Commercial Delivery (No Additional Cost)
Limited Entry Situations ($90 Additional Cost)
Residential Delivery ($135 Additional Cost)
Metropolitan Area Delivery Fee ($65 Applied to Shipping Price)

Because solid surface material is heavy and requires special handling to decrease potential damage during transit, shipping costs can be expensive. Most full size sheets weigh around 100-140 lbs and require a 150-200 lb pallet for shipping. In some cases, depending on the quantity of sheets ordered and the brand selected, there may an additional pallet fee. Select the appropriate delivery location options from the list below, and contact us if you have additional questions or concerns.   It is imperative to inspect the material before signing and accepting it. See more about our accepting or picking up freight material.

Partial Sheets

Most partial pieces are a half sheet (72" long) or less and weigh 70 pounds or less. They are custom packaged individually and shipped via UPS standard or ground.

Custom Vanities

Our custom vanity shipping starts off at $150 for any custom-made top; Residential delivery charges also apply when applicable, which would incur an additional $135 surcharge (i.e. $285 shipping/delivery charge for a custom vanity, delivered to a residence). Please feel free to add your custom vanity to the shopping cart and follow the prompts for an accurate shipping quote, or contact us at 888-715-3007 with any questions.

Can I pick up items at your warehouse

SolidSurface.com has many warehouses around the country but not all items sold on our website are carried at each warehouse. At times personal pick-up is possible, but only from the Tucson, AZ location. Please give us a call at 888-715-3007 for further information. 

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